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Lets get the motor back where it belongs!  Now that the details have been settled, it was time to drop the new motor back into place!  Looking good!

1967 Chevrolet C30

The customer wanted side steps on this truck as well.  However, he did not want generic ones, he wanted electric, self-retracting, steps that popped out from under the truck when the door opens.  So we had to do some fabricating, (which we did not get any pictures of, sorry) and some creative ingenuity to custom fit a set of steps, designed for a 2010 Ford F350.  After several days of working on it, these steps look like they were meant to be on the truck!

Updated on May 16th 2017

Now that the engine bay was back to its glory, we were able to begin the process of putting his brand new 454ci motor back into its home, here in the heart of this C30!  However, while we let the paint dry it was time to get moving on the interior.  The seats came out and were sent to a local shop to get new leather on them.  We also removed the fuel tank from the cab and have everything prepped for the new styling of this machine!  Check it out!

This is the fun side of the projects we love to see.  A fully restored, 1967 Chevrolet C30 pickup, with a 1971 K30 Chassis and a very clean, big block 454 crate motor under the hood.  Our customers know that we can handle pretty much anything they can think of, so this gentlemen, is putting our word to the test.  Keep checking back as we update this page with progress pictures and write-ups.

We are installing fold-down side steps, installing Air Conditioning, (which it never had), installing cruise control, (which it never had), adding some updated electronics and sound, relocating the fuel tank from the factory position in the cab of the truck, to under the bed, and then completely remodeling the interior to accommodate his tastes and his style!  This is another fun project, and we are looking forward to getting our hands on this beautiful machine!  So keep checking back for updates as we begin this project!

Updated on June 14th, 2017

Updated on June 28th, 2017

The beautiful power plant was just installed on this truck the month before by another shop.  And fortunately, they used a well-known national supplier for their replacement motors, so we were able to honor his warranty.  After running it through a series of tests, it was determined that this motor was no good, and needed to be replaced.  So we started off with pulling it out, and getting it ready for a new one, once again.....

Progress Update

Updated on June 20th, 2017

To Be Continued.....

Well, the next update we are posting is about the fuel tank.  This was more of a project then we anticipated due to previous modifications on this vehicle. What we mean by that, is on an ordinary "C" series truck, a simple fuel tank relocation kit from LMC truck is all you would need to relocate the fuel tank from the cab to under the bed.  However, this is not your "ordinary" "C" series truck.  This particular 1967 C30 is setting on a 1971 K30 Chasis, and the running gear, along with frame supports are different then the standard 2wd version of this truck.

SO, we had to get creative.  After several hours of measuring, shopping and phone calls, we found that a replacement fuel tank out of a 1954 Ford Mustang was going to be the perfect fit!  After fabricating the mounting surface on the frame, and setting the tank in place, we coated it, and installed it for an almost factory look.  Take a look at these pictures!  One more major hurdle done, and one step closer to finishing this truck, and getting it back to it's rightful owner!  

But don't worry, there is more to come... stay tuned!

Once the motor was out of the truck, we noticed a few more details that we are going to address and get back to perfect for William.  The major one being that the other shop had cut, and horribly remade a lower brace and mounting surface for the motor.  With as nice as this truck is, and as much attention was spent on details over the last few years, this was a sad sight to see.  So, our Fab experts are going to work to repair this damage and keep every detail on this machine perfect!

Getting started!

First things first, as with any project that we do, we go over the current status of the vehicle with the customer.  After that, we discuss what he wants to accomplish.  Then we sit down, go over all the options, ideas and build a game plan for the project.  

However, sometimes, little things pop up that throw a wrench into your plans. ... ... ... 

In this case, that was just what happened.  As our custom experts started to look through this truck, inside it, under it and all around, we noticed right away there may be bigger concerns then adding some accessories.  Our engine Guru, John, immediately noticed, and pointed out that his brand new, 7.4L 454ci motor was spewing oil all over the ground!

After spending time to refigure and correct some previous mistakes made by the previous shop who worked on this truck, as well as get going on the build, we have made some progress.  The factory air box was removed and replaced with a Vintage Air A/C system so that our client can have cold air in his truck.  We also repaired the damage on the firewall, and repaired the damage on the motor mounts, even strengthened them up a bit to completely handle the weight and power of this monster 454!  Below, we included just a few of the pictures to show this...

We also noticed that the previous garage that had installed the motor, really seemed to have a hard time handling the big block as they were setting it in.  The beautiful paint job on this truck took a bit of a beating on the firewall.  However, thanks to a great connection and wonderful vendors, we here at ATS were able to acquire a small about of matching touch up paint, and so before the motor goes in this time, we will refinish the firewall so no more marks can be seen!  We know William will be thrilled to hear this, and are excited to show off the finished product!  And no worries, we will handle this big block with care, and make sure that there is no more unnecessary damage!  Stay Tuned!