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On April 27th, 2017, Regina and Aaron had their 1970 Plymouth Road Runner brought into the shop here at ATS Automotive Service & Customs.  Plans to begin the tear down are set for the beginning of May.  Stay Tuned!

Update on May 5th, 2017

ATS Automotive Service & Customs has selected Aaron B. and his 1970 Plymouth Road Runner as our Project. This car has been a huge part of his family all of its life, and has always been dependable for their travels through out Southern Nevada and California. His Mother, Regina B. loved to drive this machine, and is readily willing to share stories of what, the Road Runner, and her family has been through over the years.  Throughout its life, Aaron's father, Jeffrey B. helped to keep the car running, and keep it on the road.  But now, after sitting in a garage collecting dust for over 8 years, Aaron, Regina and Jeffrey would love to bring this car back to life, and back into its prime. ATS will not only breathe life back into this car, but will also incorporate modern updates for handling and braking, and of course, release the true power and performance of the motor that MOPAR was known for in this sweet muscle car!   This project is projected to take close to 18 months as we here at ATS are going to do a complete, frame off, restoration of this beautiful machine!

In the picture above is our crew leaders, along with the "Mother" of this vehicle, Aaron's mom, Regina.  In the picture, in order from left to right is; John B., He will be taking care of the build for the 383ci power plant, along with the chassis. Next to him is Josh R., He will be the one in charge of the budget on this build, along with finding those replacement Mopar parts, and keeping a close eye on the details.  Next, is Regina, the Mother of this vehicle, Her and her family will be monitoring this page very closely for sure! Then, we have Cory L., Owner of ATS Automotive Service & Customs, and the reason we were able to offer this opportunity to restore this machine.  And last, but most certainly NOT least, is Mike, Also known as BAM, Coming to us with almost a decade in custom body repair experience, is very anxious to get his hands on the beautiful lines of this car, and repair any and all the damage this machine has had to endure over the last 47 years! Though everyone who will be involved in this build are not pictured here, these are the ones in charge of making this a reality!

The vehicle has a long history, and has brought many smiles, tears and emotions to this family, and we here at ATS are very excited to be a part of bringing this vehicle back to life.  So This page is dedicated to this car, this build, and this family.  We will update with pictures and write-ups through out the entire process.  So keep checking back, and follow along as we restore Regina's Red Road Runner!

1970 Plymouth Road Runner

We found our project!  ATS Was offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to the right person, and we have made a selection!  Read the whole story below!

It has been a while since we have had a chance to update this page.  We here at ATS have been rockin' and rollin' and we love it!  With the shop crawling with classic vehicles, our crew growing, and even with the expansion project on our shop, we are always busy and working on something!  

As for this beautiful machine, there has been some progress made since the last update.  The interior has been completely stripped, to find that the floors, kick panels and framework is all in fantastic shape!  We have most of the front clip off, and ready to pull the motor....  Check out some of the pictures below!

To Be Continued.....


Taking things apart usually reveals surprises that you would not expect, however, this has been a clean project.... so far!  Next step, once the motor is out, is to set this thing on a Body Rotisserie and begin the fun adventure of getting the paint off and seeing what is under there.  

Remember folks, every restoration, project or even mild build, always looks like a mess during the process, but the finished product is worth the steps along the way!  Also, helpful hint, no matter how much you prepare for what you think you need to work on your machine, you never know what you are going to find once you get into it, so do not get frustrated, just keep plugging away until you reach your goal! So Keep your eyes open for the next update!  So 

Took just a little bit of work, but we needed to make sure the 383ci power plant in this Road Runner was solid before we began to tear it down.  So after a day of adjustments, tweaks, lubrication and some fresh fuel, our engine guru, John Bradley was able to not only fire it up, but show that it runs smooth!  Now it's time to pull t out, and tear it down so we can replace gaskets, clean it, paint it and get it prepared for some bolt on accessories!  Checkout the video below, and stay tuned for our next update!

Update on June 20th, 2017